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Our Vision

Healthy people in vibrant communities.

Our Mission

Working in partnership to promote and improve health, wellness, safety and quality of life in San Bernardino County.

Our Values

  • COLLABORATION: We build and nurture partnerships to achieve mutual success.
  • DIVERSITY: We celebrate and respect the uniqueness of cultures, communities and beliefs.
  • EQUITY: We ensure that all individuals and communities have equal opportunity for health and well-being.
  • INNOVATION: We implement creative solutions to address emerging problems.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We are open, honest and accountable in our relationships, processes and actions.

Our Goals

  • To have communities and environments support healthy lifestyles.
  • To educate individuals and communities to make informed healthy decisions.
  • To have each individual be able to achieve his or her full health potential.
  • To have health services address community health needs.
  • To have a department with the necessary tools to support healthy people and vibrant communities.