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A Message from the Director

Joshua Dugas, Director

Welcome to the Department of Public Health website! We want to provide a good customer experience for all our residents and visitors. Please explore and discover the many ways our department is here to serve you and how we are making San Bernardino County a healthier place to live, work and play.

At Public Health, our dedicated staff work to prevent epidemics and the spread of diseaseprotect against environmental hazardsprevent injuriespromote healthy behaviorsrespond to disasters, and deliver equitable, quality health services. I encourage you to read our Vision, Mission, Values and Goals, where we emphasize partnerships and community collaboration to promote and improve health, wellness, safety and quality of life in San Bernardino County.

Stay connected! Follow us on social media to hear more about the incredible work we do and to get the most up-to-date information on current public health issues and trends.

And finally, we want to hear from you! Tell us how we are doing, and where we can improve. Please take our quick, four-question survey to provide feedback about the website or feel free to contact us directly.

Thank you for visiting and please join us in our vision of “healthy people in vibrant communities!”

Joshua Dugas