Food Access

The Department of Public Health Nutrition and Wellness Services (NWS) works to improve access to healthy food and to provide support to enhance pantry environments through partnerships with charitable food distribution programs throughout San Bernardino County.  The goal of the Nutrition Pantry Program (NPP) offered by NWS is to build relationships, provide assistance and support, and to help create client centered food distribution by focusing on six areas:

  • Creating a Client Friendly Pantry Environment
  • Nutrition Education for clients and pantry staff
  • Cultural and Food Accommodations for participants of different backgrounds
  • Inventory of Healthy Food Choices
  • Community Connections through pantry promotions and volunteers
  • Policies and Procedures and Pantry Nutrition Guidelines

Participation in the Nutrition Pantry Program will allow pantries to be connected to other food distribution agencies and the opportunity to receive recognition in the community with pantry certification, which could be beneficial when seeking funding. In addition, leadership opportunities through presentations, trainings, conferences, or mentorships of other pantries may be offered. NWS encourages pantries to register with Environmental Health Services (EHS) so the pantries can be added to the EHS registered pantry map, which is used by food donors to identify agencies to which they can donate food.

To learn more, please contact Nutrition at (909) 388-5650.