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Medical Point of Dispensing

What Is an MPOD?

A Medical Point of Dispensing (MPOD) site is a location that provides free medications, vaccinations, and medical supplies to a large community during a public health emergency, such as a pandemic influenza or bioterrorism. MPOD sites will be activated in order to provide medication and/or medical ancillary supplies to a healthy community prior to the onset of illness in order to decrease illness and prevent death.

The main purpose of a MPOD is to quickly distribute medications, vaccines, and medical supplies to a large number of people in a short period of time in an effort to PREVENT ILLNESS during a public health emergency. In the event of a community disease outbreak or emergency, a medical point of dispensing (MPOD) site might be one strategy used to fight the spread of disease.

During A Public Health Emergency

Who Might Have To Go To A MPOD During A Public Health Emergency?

Only individuals who have potentially been exposed to the agent or disease causing the public health emergency will be able to receive antibiotics, vaccine, or medical supplies at a MPOD. MPODs are designed to provide medications or medical supplies that will PREVENT a healthy individual from becoming sick. Persons who are already sick with the disease will not be able to seek treatment at a MPOD. Those persons who are ill and require treatment will have to be seen at their primary care doctor’s office or the hospital.

What Do I Need To Know About Getting Medicine Or A Vaccine At A MPOD?

During a public health emergency:

  • A specific medicine or vaccine will be free to everyone (if available).
  • You will not be asked for ID.
  • Medical forms (English / Spanish) may be available to fill out before arriving at the MPOD.
  • If bottles of pills are needed, one person needs to go to the MPOD to pick up the medicine for the entire household (limited).
  • If vaccines are needed, everyone will need to go to the MPOD to get their vaccine.
  • The following information is needed for yourself and each person in your home.
    • A list of medical conditions.
    • A list of current medications.
    • A list of allergies.
    • Weights and ages of all individuals.
How Will I Know Where My MPOD Is Located?

Medical Point Of Dispensing (POD) sites are pre-designated and strategically located throughout San Bernardino County. They may be found at facilities including but not limited to city facilities, schools, community centers, and senior centers.

Depending on the cause, agent, and location of the public health emergency, the appropriate MPOD sites will be activated by San Bernardino County Department of Public Health (SBCDPH) in coordination with the site and local agencies.

Every year, SBCDPH tests local MPOD site plans by offering free flu vaccine as an opportunity for the community to know where to go.

To find out where the closest MPOD site may be to you, please contact the Preparedness and Response Office at (909) 252-4406.

How Will I Know Where To Find Up-To-Date Information About MPODs During a Public Health Emergency?

If a MPOD is activated during an emergency, SBCDPH will provide information about MPODs through: