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About Family Health Services

FHS Mission

The Family Health Services’ mission is to assure conditions in which the maternal, child, adolescent and young adult populations can be healthy.

 FHS Goals

  • Assess for community health concerns: Monitor and investigate health status through comprehensive local needs assessments, morbidity/mortality reviews and environmental testing for select conditions.
  • Empower individuals to adopt healthy life styles: Outreach, educate and empower residents to make informed decisions about their life course through promoting healthy life style practices, preventing disease conditions and assuring access to care.
  • Organize the community to embrace health promotion and wellness core values: Improve the behavioral, environmental and socio-economic determinates of health through collaborating, organizing and mobilizing community efforts to improve health outcomes.
  • Assure maternal and child health best practices: Build, sustain and assess best maternal and child health practices within the health care system by monitoring compliance with standards and quality of care.
  • Advocate for promising, best and evidence-based practices and programs
  • Work with California counties and various State of California agencies to shape and advance public health policy.