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Child Health & Disability Prevention

Child Health and Disability Prevention (CHDP) provides nursing case management, referral, and health education services to children through 21 years old who are referred by medical providers and who are not enrolled in Medi-Cal Managed Care and are diagnosed with conditions that require follow-up health care or other assistance. CHDP also serves as the local administrator of the state and federal CHDP and Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Programs, and works with pediatric medical providers to ensure compliance with child health standards of care

Children may receive well-child exams according to the CHDP Schedule. The CHDP Health Exam is provided by CHDP approved private medical doctors, clinics, medical groups, comprehensive health centers, and hospital clinics.

Please call CHDP at 1 (800) 722-3777 for more information.

Additional Program Services

San Bernardino County CHDP program may also:

  • Assist you to find a doctor or dentist for your child
  • Help schedule a CHDP exam and other medical appointments
  • Assist with health exams required for school, sports, or camp

Why Well-Child Health Exams are Important

CHDP Health Exams:

  •  Encourage families to seek preventive health care
  • Allow parents and children to ask questions about health
  • Help children stay healthy
  • Identify and prevent health problems before they become serious
  • Link people with treatment, education, support services and comprehensive health care coverage
  • Helps parents and children establish a relationship with a primary care physician (medical home)
  • Establish a baseline health history to aid diagnosis and treatment if a child becomes ill

Detecting and treating health issues early can help prevent:

  • Pain
  • Growth and developmental problems
  • Learning difficulties
  • Costly illness and disabilities
  • Time off from work for parents
  • Serious health complications

Other Resources:

CHDP Brochure (English)

CHDP Brochure (Español)

Contact us:

  • If you have questions about CHDP
  • For help finding a Doctor
  • For help making an appointment for a physical

      1 (800) 722-3777

CHDP Provider Liaison Staff

Our goal is to ensure that CHDP provider offices meet state standards in order to provide quality health care for San Bernardino County children and youth. Provider Liaison staff provide training, referrals and resources, in addition to certifying and renewing certifications for CHDP providers.

Provider offices who have any questions or concerns please call (909) 383-3022 to speak with a CHDP Staff member.

Training Opportunities

There are various trainings held for CHDP providers, such as:

  1. CHDP Provider Overview (Schedule)
  2. Nutrition, Fluoride Varnish, Audiometric, and Vision (Schedule)

If you would like more information about the trainings, please e-mail Alexa Christopher at alexa.christopher@dph.sbcounty.gov or call (909) 383-3022.

Care Coordination:

The local CHDP program provides care coordination to assist Medi-Cal Fee-For-Service (FFS) eligible children and their families with medical appointment scheduling, and access to diagnostic and treatment services. To ensure follow up care is carried out, CHDP providers should continue to report FFS Medi-Cal children/youth needing follow-up from the health assessment to the local county CHDP program using the “Care Coordination form:

Care Coordination Form (with instructions)


The HCPCFC (Health Care Program for Children in Foster Care) form is intended for reporting well-child assessments, with normal or abnormal findings, for Managed Care and FFS Medi-Cal beneficiaries to the local CHDP program.

Foster Care Medical Contact Form

Foster Care Medical Form Completion Instructions

Provider Resources:

Bright Future Periodicity Schedule

Dental Periodicity Schedule

Nutrition Screening and Evaluation

Growing Up Healthy (English)

Growing Up Healthy (Español)

Growing Up Healthy (Chinese)

Other Resources:

CHDP State Website

CHDP Provider Information Notices

CHDP Online Training and Resources

Other Dental Resources:

List of Registered Dental Hygienist in Alternative Practice