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Nondiagnostic General Health Assessments (NGHA)

San Bernardino County Public Health Laboratory— Nondiagnostic General Health Assessments (NGHA) are programs that provide waived bio-analytical screening tests to asymptomatic individuals for non-infectious chronic health conditions. Examples are tests for cholesterol or blood glucose performed onsite by licensed laboratory personnel. Blood collection is performed by skin puncture only.

NGHA programs are regulated by local public health departments following the California Business and Professional Code, Chapter 195, Sections 1244, 1244.1, 1244.3 and 1233.4.

Every NGHA event held in San Bernardino County must file an application with licensing information and receive approval from the Public Health Laboratory at least 30 days prior to holding the event.

Please see the NGHA FAQ for more information or contact the Public Health Laboratory.

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